Rob's Wrestling Daily / Wed Jan 24

8:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Scott Steiner faces charges of assault stemming from an in-ring incident in Winston-Salem this past Mon night. Steiner is charged with kicking a local EMT twice. He claims that he did not know that the man was NOT one of the plants sent to the ring. He has a March court date..... The W-S Nitro did a 2.1..... Tori has returned to the WWF as Raven's valet.... The Women of WCW, namely Chae, Spice, Tygress, Fyre and Storm, have recorded three songs under the name Diversity 5..... This Sun night on WWF Heat: Dudleys d Lowdown/Ali Singh. Gunn d Albert. Snow d Rios. Blackman-Richards brawl. Saturn d Raven...... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: 'Taker NC Phatu. Bradshaw/ J Hardy NC Farooq/ M Hardy. Jericho NC Big Show. Tazz d Kwik. Test d Christian. Hollys d RTC. Angle d Kane.......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE..... A Beautiful Bobcat.... Hollywood HOG-an on Walker: Texas Ranger Sat Feb 3 @ 9 pm ET/PT on CBS.....WWF writer Chris Keski has left due to excessive hours and strain.....This weekend on WWF Metal/ WWFJakked: E Rios d Scott Andrews. H Holly d Mike Solia. Saturn d Chris Wilson.....Look for Victoria soon in the WWF divas lineup.....Al Snow has signed a new four-year deal with the WWF.

Tuesday January 23
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