Rob's Wrestling Daily / Wed Jan 17

6:00 PM ET UPDATE... Rob Van Dam appreciation day in Ontario, Cal on Feb 3...autographs available....The WWF is suing internet pranster Bobby Rogers, event co-ordinator of The Future of Wrestling, over regstration of domain names which relate to the WWF and are not developed....Missy Hyatt tells all in a book coming out in Aug....WWF Raw posted a gain this past Mon night, doing a 5.2. Nitro came in at 2.6....1 Wrestling is reporting that ECW has been contacted by an international wrestling group and has a potential buyer..... This Sun night on WWF Heat: K Kwik d Tazz. B Gunn d Albert. Lowdown d Kaientai. S 2 Hotty d Crash. Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: C Jericho NC Saturn. B Ray Dudley d Edge. APA/Jackie d Hardyz/Lita. Sephanie-Trish CATFIGHT. V Venis d Test. Chyna powerbombs Ivory. The Chicago Enforcers Cheerleaders are introduced. S Blackman d H Holly. ME: Rock/'Taker/ Austin d Angle/ Phatu/ Kane.... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ Say Hi To Ivory.... Sid Vicious is progressing very well. He was able to stand on the injured leg for a short period of time yesterday.....The Women of Wrestling presents the last live event before Unleashed. The home of WOW, the Great Western Forum, will be the site on Jan 20. There will be over 30 stars, unfolding plot twists which will lead into their first-ever PPV on Feb 4.

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