Pro Wrestling Wednesday / February 8

WWE Raw, broadcast live from Atlanta on the USA Network on Mon night .... Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and The Coach call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... Edge and Lita open the program and announce that Edge will meet Kurt Angle next week for the WWE World Title. Hacksaw Jim Duggan confronts the two, only to be dispatched by Edge, with Cena making the save...Tonight is an ight of first-round matches to determine who will face Cena @ Wrestlemania... Chris Masters d Kane... Ashley d Mickie James, with Trish Stratus as the referee... HHH d Ric Flair ... Candice Michelle's GoDaddy ad airs ... CEO Vince Mc Mahon announces that next week we will see the Shawn Michaels retirement party ... The Big Show d Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin's momma faints at ringside, and is helped out...Rob van Dam d Carlito ... ME: John Cena/ Maria d Edge/ Lita. After the match, Cena announces the guest referee for the ME match next week is Mick Foley.

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