Wrestling Daily / Wed Feb 28

The WWF maintains that there was no pressure to strip but rather business reasons which led to the dismissal of Stacey "Kat" Carter. 1 Wrestling reports that Jerry Lawler played a high-stakes poker game with Vince McMahon, trying to get Stacey back on TV, and lost. Lawler has 2 years left on his WWF contract, which would prevent him from jumping to WCW..... Rusty Tillman, head coach of the XFL NY/ NJ Hitmen, has promised to confront Jesse Ventura this Sat on NBC as the Hitmen take on LA..... New York Daily News today features a quote from Hulk HOG-an : when / if he returns to wrestling, it "will not be with the WCW."........ 6:00 AM ET UPDATE.... The Kat and J Lawler have left the WWF. Reportedly, Kat refused to accept scripting ideas which would have her exposed. Hubby J Lawler walked out with his wife....... NBC Entertainment pres Jeff Zucker says that the network remains committed to the XFL for a two year run, and hopes that the numbers shoot up again.....The rumored name for WCW's ppv in May : "The Bang".....Arn Anderson's suspension from WCW is for a period of two weeks.

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