Wrestling Daily / Wed Feb 21

Vampiro, still under WCW contract, has been fined $ 5000 for comments made last Nov on an internet interview..... A HHH impersonator has been striking up conversations with a young female fan. The search is on for "banghbk69"....... WWF Raw over WCW Nitro Mon night, 4.8 to 2.0.... Rhino debuted for the WWF last night @ the Smackdown taping, working a dark match, defeating Bo Dupp..... Bryan Adams was taken to the hospital recently for emergency appendix surgery..... The WWF Backlash promo poster features HHH..... Justin Credible jobbed to K Kwik in his WWF debut this past Sun in Evansville..... Midajah and Ms Jones will be written out with "injuries". "Ms Hancock" will not be brought back; WCW has now eliminated all of the women.....WWF No Way Out this Sun is rated TV-14: L-D-V...but not N.....Kid Kash is headed to WCW, as are the team of Christian York and Joey Matthews.....WCW Greed, set for March 18, looks like this: WCW Title: S Steiner vs D D Page ; US Title: R Steiner vs Hugh Morris ; Cruiser Title: Chavo Jr vs Shane Helms ; WCW Tag Titles: Palumbo/ O'Haire vs Totally Buff.....The Blue Meanie and Jasmine were backstage @ Nitro this past Mon night..... This weekend on WWF Metal/ Jakked: Test d E Rios. K Kwik d Derek Stone. Saturn d Griz. Kaientai d Superstar Steve/ Matt Murphy..... Tonight on WCW Thunder: Kaz d Kwee Wee. Paris/ Styles d Disco/ A Wright. Stasiak d Big Vito. The Cat/ DD Page d Bagwell/ Kanyon. Jarrett d Crowbar. Palumbo d Luger. S Steiner d H Morris.

Today's Babe : Dee Dee
Tuesday February 20
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