Rob's Wrestling / Wed Dec 6

8:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Linda Mc Mahon confirmed this morning in NY that the WWF and Viacom are working on "Manhunt," a Survivor-type of series with WWF Attitude. Also, WWF NY cashed in $17 millon in its first year, and the WWF will soon be setting up offices abroad in an unspecified location..... HBK @ WWF NY hosting Heat this Sun night..... Scotty Anton and ECW have parted ways..... WWF Shopzone features JR's Barbeque sauce..... Olympian Rulon Gardner has turned down yet another offer from the WWF.... New pix of The Kat are up on Jasmin auctions off clothing on Mark Madden is running an ANGLE with D Page where he refers to Page as leathery and old..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ Here's Rena Mero.Com.... Barry Diller is selling his USA Networks-owned TV stations.....This weekend on WWF Jakked/Metal: Al Snow d a jobber. Eddie Guererro d Essa Rios. Raven d Taka. Lowdown d 2 Cool..... Tonight on WCW Thunder: Sgt AWOL time limit draws Bam Bam Bigelow. Chavo Jr d Mike Sanders TO WIN THE WCW CRUISER TITLE. Thrillaz d Noble/ Karagias. Jung Dragons/ The Cat d Team Canada. Bryan Clarke d Vito. Buff Bagwell d Alex Wright. Goldberg d Shane Douglas.

Tuesday December 5
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