Rob's Wrestling Daily / Wed Dec 27

6:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Mark Madden has been FIRED by WCW. Madden confirmed the report on his Pittsburgh radio show today. Cited as the reasons: He mentioned Scott Hall on the air, spoke badly of the company in publc and spoke of the potential sale of the company against orders not to do so..... Jim Ross, on Tulsa Rock Radio KMOD this morning, hyping the upcoming WWF house show. He said that he and Jerry Lawler would be calling the XFL beginning in Feb........ 12:00 PM ET UPDATE....... The Rock will appear on E ! 's Top Entertainer of The Year program as one of the 20 vying for the title.... 3 Wrestling . com is no more, apparenty the "victim" of a buyout.... D D Page's latest commentary reflects on Christmas, Kimberly, and Scott Steiner....... Terry Landel's indy group returns to Knoxville on Jan 27......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ The Lovely Malia Hosaka, courtesy of Pro Wrestling..... The Rock is the first pro wrestler to appear on People magazine's Top 25 of The Year list.... New Jack out of retirement to do the Feb 3 Jersey All Pro Show @ Viking Hall, aka the ECW Arena, in South Philly.....New pix up at FrancineECW... Lance Storm is reporting that someone is passing around newsletters with his signature promoting the Muslim religion. Here's Lance's Website...

Tuesday December 26
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