Rob's Wrestling / Wed Dec 13

7:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Mick Foley chats tomorrow @ 5 PM ET on USA Ohio Valley Wrestling reporting that Christmas Chaos, scheduled for tonight in Louisville, was CANCELLED this morning as of 11 ET due to inclement weather. Several WWF stas are stranded in Arkanas from the Smackdown tapings last night, unable to get into Ky. The event will be rescheduled in January, and will feature as many WWF'ers as possible....Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Edge/Christian d The Dudleys. Ivory d Lita. Venis d Gunn by DQ. 'Taker d Raven. Hardys d Saturn/Benoit. Malenko d Jericho. ME: Rock/Austin d Angle/ Regal..... Sun night on WWF Heat: Dogg/ Kwik d RTC. Test d Bradshaw. Lowdown d 2 Cool....... Tues WCW Nitro did a 1.7 for TNT.... WWF press release today brags about this past Mon night as Raw pulled a season-high 5.8..... Ric Flair on the "Bob and Tom" Radio show to promote WCW Starrcade on Fri morning........ 12:00 AM ET UPDATE..... Remembering ECW's Beulah..... Vince Mc Mahon has landed at # 58 on The Sporting News Top 100 Most Powerful People in Sports.....WWF gained 0.8 over last week with no WCW opposition to post a 5.8 for Raw this past Mon.....Tonight on WCW Thunder: Noble/ Karagias d 3 Count / Jung Dragons. Perfect Event d Chavo, Jr. The Cat d Jim Duggan, who turns back face afterward. Luger d Sgt Parker. Kronic d Vito/ Reno. DD Page d M Sanders. Scott Steiner d Meng. Steiner-Sid brawl.

Tuesday December 12
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