Wrestling Wednesday / August 14

KMOL in San Antonio reports that Steve Austin has been arrested and charged with spousal abuse stemming from the incident in June. He was released on his own recognizance.... WWE Taping last night in Seattle: Velocity: Hardcore Holly d Rico.. Buchanan d Albert.. Cena d D-Von.. Funaki/ Kidman d Noble/ Tajiri... Smackdown: Lesnar promo.. Billy/Chuck/Rico d Hardcore/ Hurricane/ S Moore..Stephanie argues with Dawn Marie.. Kurt Angle d Mark Henry.. Lesnar d Rikishi.. Nidia d Torrie Wilson.. Kane's music plays.. no Kane.. Edge/ Rey d E Guerrero/ Chavo.. Rock d Benoit.. Rock-Lesnar staredown.

Wrestling Tuesday / August 13
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Terri Takes A Stretch
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