Wrestling Wednesday / April 3

Kevin Nash will be out of action for several months after surgery yesterday to repair a torn bicep.... Taping Results from Tues night in Rochester, NY: WWF Jaked/Metal : Rikishi d Chris Harvard... D-Von Dudley d Jerry Wall... Jazz d Ivory... Farooq d Lance Storm... The Godfather turns heel by attacking Val Venis... Chavo Jr/ Hugh Morrus d Hurricane/ Funaki....WWF Smackdown : Vince proclaims that it is his pick, not Flair's, to determine who will face HHH at Backlash... Kurt Angle, The Rock and Chris Jericho argue over who should face HHH at Backlash... Billy/ Chuck d Albert/ Scotty... Vince says that it will be HHH vs HOGan... Christian d DD Page... HHH and HOGan ( in red and yellow ) face off... Edge d Angle by DQ... Kidman d Tajiri TO WIN THE CRUISER TITLE (and Torrie)... Stacy warms up to Vince... Hardcore Holly d Maven... ME: The Rock d Chris Jericho.

Wrestling Tuesday / April 2
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