Wrestling Tuesday / September 4

Last night on WWF Raw, live from Toronto : Jim Ross and Paul Heyman, among the 18,019 fans, are at ringside. 'Taker d Test by DQ when Steven Richards interferes. The announcement is made that WM 18 will come from Toronto on Mar 17. The Alliance welcomes Steve Austin. The Dudley Boyz d Tajiri/ Big Show when Torrie Wilson's interference on behalf of Tajiri backfires. A sign in the audience reads, Flair is god. Cutaway to WWF NY with the WCW US champion Kanyon. Spike, with Molly d Shawn Stasiak, with Stacy Keibler. WCW champion The Rock d Christian. Stephanie and Debra present Austin wth a new F-150 pickup. Austin, standing in the cab, is jumped by Kurt Angle, who drives the truck away with Austin KO'd in the cab. Hurricane Helms/ Ivory d Matt Hardy/ Lita. WWF IC champion Edge d Lance Storm. After the match, Christian attacks Edge. Jeff Hardy/ Chris Jericho d RVD/ Rhyno. Kurt Angle, on bridge with Steve Austin, threatens to throw Austin, who is bound, over into the river below. Debra, in mid-ring, pleads with Angle not to throw Austin over the bridge. Austin begs and cries, and Angle keeps repeating "What?" Angle wants a WWF title match in Pittsburgh at Unforgiven. Austin agrees. Angle pushes Austin backwards, into a small pool of water, and drives the truck away.

Wrestling Monday / September 3
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