Pro Wrestling Tuesday / September 30

WWE Raw, live from Rosemont, Ill, on SPIKE TV.....Ring announcer Lilian Garcia, looking HOT in pink and black, intros The Coach and Al Snow, who will call the action...Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel with Eric Bischoff and Jim Ross sets up an angle which has Steve Austin suspended for the week and barred from the building. Austin crashes the party.... World Tag Team champions The Dudleys d Test and Scott Steiner, with Stacy. After the match, Steiner turns on Stacy... Kane- Hurricane angle to set up the match for later in the show... Mark Jindrak/ Garrison Cade/ Maven d La Resistance/ Rob Conway... HHH offers a $100,000 bounty on Goldberg... Country Whipping Match for the rights to the Raw broadcast position: Jim Ross d Jonathan Coachman. After the match, Jerry Lawler and Steve Austin congratulate Jim Ross... Ross and Lawler resume their positions as broadcasters... Terri Runnels interviews Lita about her book. Molly Holly and Gail Kim interfere, and attack. Trish Stratus makes the save, only to be met by Victoria....Kane d Hurricane... Steven Richards attacks Goldberg, and is decked... Goldberg/ Shawn Michaels d Ric Flair/ Randy Orton via DQ when Mark Henry and Rodney Mack interfere. After the match, Henry announces that he has challenged Goldberg for next week... Tape airs of The Rock at the premiere of The Rundown. Rock says that he will return to WWE... ME: WWE IC Title : Ladder Match : Rob van Dam d champion Christian to WIN THE TITLE.

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