Pro Wrestling Tuesday / September 27

WWE Raw, broadcast live on Spike TV from Waco, Tx .... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer...Vince McMahon previews the upcoming debut of WWE Raw on the USA Network by matching Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels in an Iron Man Match... WWE champion Trish Stratus, with Ashley, d Victoria, with Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle. After the match, Candice announces a return match involving all of the women for next week on USA... The Big Show d Snitsky.. WWE Intercontinental champion Ric Flair pushes the upcoming Raw debut on USA, along with the returning HHH... Kerwin White d Shelton Benjamin.. Matt Hardy-Edge angle..Vince Mc Mahon, RAW GM Eric Bischoff and Smackdown GM Teddy Long plan the WWE Raw Homecoming program to debut on the USA Network next Mon night..Viscera / Val Venis d World Tag Team champions Cade / Murdock via DQ .. Rob Conway d Eugene.. ME: Carlito / Chris Masters d Shawn Michaels / WWE Champion John Cena. The program ends with Lawler and Ross hyping the USA debut next Mon night.

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