Wrestling Tuesday / September 24

WWE Raw, broadcast live on TNN from Anaheim: WWE champion Trish Stratus d Victoria/ Molly.. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia, in black, intros the Superstars.. Eric Bischoff is mid ring bawls out the company over his humiliation from Unforgiven, then calls for Booker T. The Island Boyz attack Booker and Goldust.. The Big Show d Jeff Hardy.. Chris Nowinski brawls with Tommy Dreamer.. Ross welcomes Randy Orton to the Raw team.. Orton d Steven Richards.. Lilian intros The Union Underground, who perform as the WWE Divas dance.. Ric Flair, in mid-ring, cuts a heel promo, announcing himself as the manager for HHH. HHH/ Flair brawl with RVD/ Bubba to set up tonight's ME.. WWE IC champion Chris Jericho d Goldust.. Cameras spot Meredith Brooks on row 1.. WWE Tag champions Lance Storm/ Christian drop the straps to Kane/ Hurricane.. Booker T d Rico, then Book and Goldust are attacked by The Island Boyz, again.. After the break, Bischoff tells Booker that he and Goldust will face The Island Boyz in Houston next week.. ME: HHH/ Ric Flair d RVD/ Bubba... Notes regarding Flair: Does anyone else recognize the many similarities between Flair and Phil Donahue??.... You have to feel good for Flair now, working with HHH, who has publicly referred to The Nature Boy as the greatest wrestler he has ever known. I hope that this program runs for awhile.

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