Pro Wrestling Tuesday / September 23

WWE Raw, live last night from Washington, D.C. on SPIKE TV....Ring announcer Lilian Garcia introduces the announce team of Al Snow and The Coach... WWE World Champion Goldberg is introduced. Co-GM Steve Austin offers his congratulations. Co-GM Eric Bischoff interrupts the celebration, only to get a spear from Goldberg for his efforts... WWE IC Champ Christian d Rob van Dam... Evolution attacks Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak, who are on their way to the ring... HHH declares that he will reclaim the World Title... Mark Henry d Tommy Dreamer... Co-GM Austin makes two matches for next week.. The Coach vs Jim Ross for the announcer's position and for the WWE IC Title Christian vs RVD in a ladder match... Trish Stratus/ Lita d WWE champ Molly Holly/ Gail Kim... Test/ Stacy/ Steiner angle... Filmed footage of Shane McMahon in the Harrisburg, Pa hospital, where Kane pays a visit... Hurricane/ Rosie d Rob Conway/ Renee Dupre... HHH/ Ric Flair/ Randy Orton d G Cade/ M Jindrak/ Maven... Cutaway to The Rock in Hollywood, hyping his movie The Rundown, opening nationwide this Fri... ME: WWE World Champion Goldberg d Chris Jericho.

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