Wrestling Tuesday / September 17

WWE Raw, broadcast live last night on TNN from Denver: Eric Bischoff, in mid-ring, previews tonight's show.. Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross call the action; Lilian Garcia, in red, in mid-ring.. HHH cuts a promo on Rob van Dam. RVD answers with a spinning kick to HHH's face... Rico d Ric Flair.. A women's rights group protests outside.. Booker T d Test.. HHH confronts Flair and calls him pathetic. Flair attempts to defend himself.. The IOW demands to speak with Bischoff.. WWE Tag champions The Unamericans d Bubba & Spike Dudley.. Spike Dudley is shown on a gurney, injured from the match.. Chris Jericho d WWE IC champion RVD TO WIN THE IC TITLE.. Bischoff sets Jericho vs Flair for WWE Unforgiven.. Kane d Wm Regal by DQ.. Bischoff meets with the women's group, led by a masked Stephanie Mc Mahon. Mc Mahon unmasks and leads Billy and Chuck against Bischoff and The Island Boyz.. Rob van Dam attacks HHH before his scheduled ME title defense against Jeff Hardy. Van Dam is carried out, and the ME begins.. HHH d J Hardy, using the sleeper hold. After the match, van Dam again attacks HHH.

Wrestling Monday / September 16
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