Pro Wrestling Tuesday / September 14

WWE Raw, live last night on Spike TV.....Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer.... Chris Benoit d Robert Conway... Victoria/ Nidia/ Stacy d Trish/ Molly/ Gail... WWE IC champion Chris Jericho hosts Shawn Michaels in the highlight reel... Jericho/ Michaels d Christian/ T Tomko... Simon Dean promo... Coach with Seattle Slugfest, where Joy is eliminated and the Christy d Carmella in a beat-up-the-coach competition. The winner of the contract and $$$ will be announced next week... Kane NC (jobber) Jim Snitsky when Kane bumps Lita. Lita sells like the baby is injured, and is stretchered out of the arena....ME: Ric Flair/ Batista/ HHH go to a No Contest with Randy Orton after Shelton Benjamin returns to aid Orton, followed by Chris Benoit.

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