Wrestling Tuesday / September 10

WWE Raw, broadcast live last night on TNN from Iowa State.. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia, in white and black, in mid-ring.. Lance Storm/ Christian d Bradshaw/ Kane.. Bubba Dudley d Steven Richards.. Terri/ Trish Stratus d Stacy/ Victoria.. Tommy Dreamer d Christopher Nowinski.. World Heavyweight Champion HHH d Spike Dudley..Goldust/ Booker T go to a No Contest with Wm Regal/ Test.. Eric Bischoff parades two women in mid-ring as lesbians, then watches as The Island Boyz launch an attack.. ME: Four-way elimination match to determine HHH' opponent at WWE Unforgiven: Rob van Dam d Chris Jericho/ Jeff Hardy/ The Big Show.

Wrestling Monday / September 9
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