Wrestling Tuesday / October 9

WWF Raw, live Mon night from Indianapolis: Spike/ Big Show/ Tajiri, with Torrie d The Dudleys/ Tazz, with Stacy.... The Dudleys put Torrie through a table... The Positively Page angle continues.... The Hardy Boyz, with Lita, d WCW Tag champs Booker T/ Test TO WIN THE TITLES.... WCW US champ Rhyno NC Edge... WWF Hardcore champ Rob Van Dam/ Shane Mc Mahon d Chris Jericho/ The Rock.... Cutaway to WWF NY and Lance Storm/ Ivory.... The Rock and Jericho argue, then brawl... WWF Lightweight champ X-Pac d Scotty 2 Hotty... Lita d Molly.... ME: Steve Austin d WWF Champ Kurt Angle TO WIN THE TITLE. Austin has help from Commish Wm Regal, who does a heel turn.

Wrestling Monday / October 8
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