Pro Wrestling Tuesday / October 7

WWE Raw, live on SPIKE TV, from Uncasville, Ct... Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... Kane d Rosie. After the match, Hurricane enters the ring and is quickly dispatched by Kane. Shane McMahon taunts Kane away from the ringside area. McMahon enters a limo, and Kane follows inside, after hacking his way to enter. McMahon escapes the limo and sends it crashing into a truck, giving the illusion that Kane is inside. Footage of the susequent rescue is shown throughout the show, leading to Kane being taken via ambulance to a hospital... NOTE: The limo which Kane enters has a moonroof; the limo which crashes into the truck does not... Lita d Gail Kim... Scott Steiner, with Stacy, NC Spike Dudley when Bubba Ray and D-von interfere on behalf of Spike... La Resistance and Rob Conway attack Goldberg for the bounty money, but Goldberg easily handles all 3... Lance Storm/ Rob van Dam d Christian / Chris Jericho... Ric Flair/ Randy Orton d Mark Jindrak/ Garrison Cade... Maven/ Trish d Steven Richards/ Victoria... ME: Goldberg vs Mark Henry ends in a DQ when Shawn Michaels interferes for Goldberg.

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