Wrestling Tuesday / October 29

WWE Raw, live last night on TNN from Detroit: The saga continues as HHH opens the program by taking a Katie Vick mannequin from a casket at ringside and having a conversation with it in the ring. Hurricane appears on the rampway and direscts us to a video parody of HHH in the hospital last week, having various objects, including his own head, extracted from his butt.. HHH furiously beats up the mannequin until Kane charges the ring to attack him.. Eric Bischoff, along with the locker room, breaks up the two and sets the ME for tonight... a locker room camera focuses on Trish.. Lance Storm/ Wm Regal d Tommy Dreamer/ RVD.. Stacey offers to market Test.. The Island Boyz attack Spike and Bubba Dudley.. Test, with Stacey, d Goldust.. a Scott Steiner video airs.. World Tag Team champions Chris Jericho/ Christian d Bubba Dudley/ Jeff Hardy.. a locker room camera focuses on HHH... Eric Bischoff explains the locker room camera, or FUTV, and the upcoming Elimination Chamber to be unveiled at Survivor Series.. Chris Nowinski d Booker T by DQ.. WWE champion Trish Stratus d Jacqueline/ Molly.. ME: Casket Match- non-title- Kane d World champion HHH, with help from Shawn Michaels. Notes: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia ( in blue ) is the ring announcer.

Wrestling Monday / October 28
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