Pro Wrestling Tuesday / October 25

WWE Raw, broadcast live on USA from Fresno .... The Coach and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer.. Shawn Michaels d The Big Show/ Kane.. Video: WWE champion John Cena drives the State Farm NASCAR in Martinsville.. Lawler hypes the upcoming Coach-Steve Austin match @ WWE Taboo Tues.. Stephanie McMahon-Mick Foley promo is interrupted by Carlito, who attacks Foley.. Viscera vs HHH never begins, as Ric Flair attacks HHH, then challenges him to a cage match @ Taboo Tues...JBL-Edge promo for the interpromotional matchup @ Taboo Tues. JBL lures Chris Masters away from the ring, only to have Rey Mysterio attack Edge and give Lita the 619.. Mickie James d Victoria. Afterwards, the divas preview the upcoming Fantasy Battle Royal... Vince McMahon narrates a parody of Jim Ross' recent colon surgery.. World Tag Team champions Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock d Rosie as Gregory Helms, aka the Hurricane, looks on.. The Smackdown Rebound features Booker T winning the US Title from Chris Benoit... ME: Kurt Angle d WWE champion John Cena in a non-title event, with Mick Foley as the assigned refree and WWE Raw GM Eric Bischoff making the count for Angle.

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