Rob's Wrestling / Tue Oct 24

7:00 PM ET UPDATE....... WWF Raw over WCW Nitro last, 5.5 tom 2.2.... Kevin Nash broke the script last night when he` menioned Scott Hall "not getting a second chance."..... Electronic Media and The Hollywood Reporter are saying that the WWF will purchase WCW...eventually..... HHH on Regis today....WWF Superstars week continues tomorrow.... UK media reports that Yokozuna's death was not of a suspicious nature, and that he was found in a hotel room in Liverpool..... WCW Thunder taped last night, after Nitro: Reno d Kwee Wee. Thrillaz brawl with Stasiak. Bagwell d Smooth. The Cat/ Ms Jones d Sanders/ Meow. Vampiro d Vito. MIA d Team Canada. Jindrak/ O'Haire d Animals / Boogie Nights. ME: Golderg/Booker T/Sting d Jarrett/Kronic..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........... Rodney Anoia, aka Yokozuna, was found dead in his hotel room yesterday in London. Immediate cause of death was judged to be a heart attack..... The Mc Mahons will pose in front of the NYSE tomorrow to celebrate the WWF's new listing.... The Acolytes were replaced in Sun's satellite show due to Bradshaw's broken ribs.... Chyna on Regis yesterday with her guacamole recipe. WWF week continues today on Regis.

Monday October 23