Wrestling Tuesday / October 23

WWF Raw, live last night from Kansas City: Vince and Linda Mc Mahon, in mid-ring, confront Stephanie and Shane. Vince vows to bring the Alliance down, and his two ungrateful children with it. A challenge is made for a showdown at WWF Survivor, with either the WWF or WCW the only remaining group..... Lita/ Trish d Ivory/ Molly... Tajiri, with Torrie Wilson, d Kidman TO WIN THE WCW CRUISER TITLE.... Kane starts an angle with Diamond Dallas Page... Kurt Angle d Rhyno TO WIN THE WCW US TITLE.... Bradshaw d The Hurricane, with Mighty Molly, TO WIN THE WWF EUROPEAN TITLE... Kane/ 'Taker d Booker T/ Test.... WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam d The Big Show..... Cutaway to Maven @ WWFNY, where he is attacked by Tazz...ME: The Rock/ Chris Jericho d The Dudley Boyz TO WIN THE WWF TAG TEAM TITLES....Recap: A night of wins for team WWF.

Wrestling Monday / October 22
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