Wrestling Tuesday / October 22

WWE Raw, live from Nashville, on TNN: HHH and Ric Flair cut a promo to open the program, teasing a videotape.. Hurricane attacks the two, but is quickly put down.. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action.. Lilian Garcia, in a silver top and black mini, is the ring announcer.. Chris Nowinski d Jeff Hardy.. Bubba/ Spike Dudley d Wm Regal/ Lance Storm.. Test d D-Lo Brown, with assistance from special referee Stacy Keibler.. Victoria/ Christian/ Chris Jericho d Trish/ Booker T/ Goldust.. HHH plays a video, which features himself in a parody of Kane, alledging necrophilia.. Cane Match: Tommy Dreamer d Al Snow.. Big Show d The Island Boyz/ Rico.. Eric Bischoff announces that The Big Show has been traded, presumably to WWE Smackdown.. Cutaway to The World and to Shawn Michaels, who no longer needs the wheelchair and vows revenge on HHH... ME: Kane/ Rob van Dam d HHH/ Ric Flair...Kane and HHH brawl in the back.. Kane loads HHH into a car trunk, and drives away.

Wrestling Monday / October 21
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