Rob's Wrestling / Tue Oct 17

7:00 PM ET UPDATE...... WWF Raw had the lowest rating last night since Dec, 1998, with a 4.8. WCW Nitro fell to 2.3.... Many people in the business do not see the prospective WWF buyout of WCW as a positive move. Vince Mc Mahon would have a monopoly which would determine who would work where.... Eddie Guererro pulled a hamstring last night @ Raw.....AOL stock down $9 a share today.... WCW has notified Scott Hall through his agent that he is being terminated due to breach of contract....This weekend on WWF Metal/Jakked: Blackman d Funaki. Malenko d Rios. Tazz/Raven/Saturn d 2 Cool/ Crash. B Brawler d Joe..... Cable World has jumped on the story of the WWF's possible acquisition of WCW.... Kevin Nash is irate over the firing of Scott Hall. He may be kept off of TV this Mon due to his nature of being a loose cannon.... Sources says that Bret Hart will be the next to be cut from the WCW roster..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE............ Last night on WWF Raw: Jericho NC Guererro. APA d. T & A. Regal d Snow TO WIN THE WWF EUROPEAN TITLE. HHH d Kane. Phatu tries to run down Austin again. X-Pac NC Billy Gunn. Los Conquistadores d. Dudleys. Val Venis d Road Dogg. ME: Angle/ Edge/ Christian d Rock/ Hardy Boyz...... Karen Dougal, 1998 POTY, confirmed as an XFL cheerleader.... WCW has taken legal measures to pursue Scott Hall's release.... Ric Flair has received medical clearance to wrestle as of Nov 6. He will be in Chicago for WCW Nitro that night.... re-launched yesterday..... Analysts expect Time-Warner profits to slip to 4 cents per share, down from 8 from the same quarter last year, due totally to the profit loss by WCW.

Monday October 16