Wrestling Tuesday / October 16

WWF Raw, live last night from Ottawa : WWF Commish Mick Foley & Trish Stratus welcome Ottawa to WWF Raw...Stone Cold Steve Austin addreses the Alliance troops... The Dudleys, with Stacy Keibler, d The Big Show in a handicap match...Wm Regal is announced by the Alliance as their new commish... The APA/ Jackie, with Nidia, d Hurricane/ Lance Storm/ Molly, with Ivory...WCW champion The Rock d WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam by DQ...WCW Cruiser champion Billy Kidman d Tazz... Rhyno fought Chris Jericho to a No Contest when The Rock interfered on behalf of Jericho...Cutaway to Positively Page @ WWFNY...Edge d WWF Lightweight champion X-Pac....The APA & Christian attack Edge.... ME: Steve Austin/ Booker T d Kurt Angle/ 'Taker, with help from Rob Van Dam.

Wrestling Monday / October 15
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