Rob's Wrestling / Tue Oct 10

8:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Entertainment Weekly covers the WCW buyout on its website.....WCW in Sydney, Oct 10: Kwee Wee d Skipper. Douglas/Torrie d Konan/Tygress. Rection d Storm by DQ. Cat d Sanders, non-title. Scott Steiner wins a Battle Royal. Jidrak/O'Haire d Rey Jr/Kidman. Sting d Jarrett. Goldberg d Kronic. Booker T d Steiner...... This weekend on WWF Jakked/Metal: 2 Cool d Funaki/Rios. Albert d Crash. Dudleys d Joe/Gangrel....WWF Jakked at one time was a Sat Night Show with an 11 pm or later start time in syndication. The show has become a mirror image of Metal, and either or both shows can be seen at any time during the week in local syndication.....The Rock has taped an episode of NBC's DAG....Playboy has a Rena Mero 3-pack offer on its website: her 2 cover issues, plus the Wrestling Superstars 96-page album..... WOW presents XTRA, a new bi-weekly, beginning in Nov.....Major Gunns was more over with the MIA. Look for her to return soon.....Chyna on Leno tomorrow night.....look for Phatu to start his own Nation of Domination-type of team.... Vince is dabbling in the race angles again..... Eddie Guererro turning heel.....Kevin Nash on Politically Incorrect on Oct 26..... The Women of WCW airs Sun Nov 5 @ 8 pm on E!!!.... Nitro Girl Chiquita is featured in the current issue of Black Woman Today..... Stuff Mag has interviewed champion Booker T for an upcoming issue...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... A 152-square foot sign for the new XFL will sit alongside the WWF logo @ the top of the WWF HDQ building in Stamford. The sign will be clearly visible from I-95..... WWF cookbook, Can You Take The Heat??, due out on Oct 24.... WWF week on Regis will see Jim Ross and a different superstar everyday the week of Oct 23-27.

Monday October 9