Rob's Wrestling / Tue Nov 7

8:00 PM ET UPDATE........"We are definitely NOT buying them. The speific elements did not come together." So says WWF CEO Linda MC Mahon, in an interview in Broadcasting and Cable...... WWF Raw over WCW Nitro last night, 5.1 to 2.5.... Boby Heenan is working on a 90-day layover for WCW. He has contacted the WWF..... Jeff Jarrett left Chicago immediately after Nitro last night...his wife is one week overdue..... HHH is nursing an undisclosed injury to his leg, hip or knee..... Tomorrow night on WCW Thunder: Jamie Noble d Evan Karagias. Crowbar d Reno TO WIN THE HARDCORE TITLE. Konan d Disco. Rey Jr D David Flair. Thrillaz attack Nash. Storm d Meng. Booker T d Awesome. Goldberg wins a three-way over Bigelow and Luger...... Longtime Jim Crockett announcer CJ Underwood is dead at age 60. He was the voice of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling in Charlotte in the 70's and 80's. Underwood lost a three-year battle with colon and liver cancer..... This weekend on WWF Metal/Jakked: Regal d Gangrel. Snow d Funaki. Crash wins a squash..... Adelphia Cable in Los Angeles transposed TNN with Spice last night and WWF viewers caught glimpses of another type of wrestling...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... WCW Nitro was rewritten last night as Jeff Jarrett missed his flight and arrived late to the arena. Jarrett was a key factor in the show, but the script was changed.... Terry Funk has stated in an interview that WCW has no leadership, and that a WWF buyout would be bad for the business.

Monday November 6