Wrestling Tuesday / November 5

WWE television taping Mon night in Boston: Dark Match: Nathan Jones d Aaron Kincaid.. WWE Heat: Spike d D-Lo.. Goldust d Stamboli.. Stevie Richards d A Stephens.. For UPN: Kane/ Booker T/ RVD/ J Hardy/ Bubba vs HHH/ Jericho/ Christian/ The Island Boyz.. WWE Raw: Jim Ross & Jery Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia, in purple, is the ring announcer.. The Island Boyz d J Hardy/ Bubba Dudley.. WWE champion Trish Stratus d Ivory.. Regal/ Storm d Dreamer/ Snow.. Scott Steiner video airs.. Test gets his hair cut.. HHH/ Booker T/ Jericho/ Kane cut a promo for the Suvivor Series.. Test, with Stacy d Hurricane.. RVD d Christian.. Chris Nowinski runs from the returning Maven.. ME: Booker T/ Kane d HHH/ Jericho, with help from Shawn Michaels.. To end the program, Michaels accepts the Elimination Chamber challenge @ WWE Survivor Series.

Wrestling Monday / November 4
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