Pro Wrestling Tuesday / November 30

WWE Raw, live last night on Spike TV, from Baltimore...Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... A program-opening Battle Royal for the contender to face World champion HHH in tonight's Main Event results in a disputed call and the winner is either Chris Benoit or Edge... Raw GM Randy Orton announces a three-way ME for the title... Victoria/ Lita d Molly/ Trish... Hassan promo airs... Ric Flair d Jerry Lawler with the figure-four leglock...Randy Orton, in mid-ring, hosts a Lingerie Fashion show with Diva finalists and Baltimore's Stacy Keibler...World Tag Team champions Wm Regal and Eugene d La Resistance... Maven takes a heel turn by attacking Eugene...Chris Jericho tells Trish that next Mon night in Charlotte, he is the GM. He then orders her to defend her title in Charlotte against Lita.... ME: World Title: HHH vs Chris Benoit vs Edge.. Controversy as two referees render two different decisions: one ref is for Benoit, the other ref is for Edge. The program ends without a definitive winner.

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