Rob's Wrestling / Tue Nov 28

5:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Goldberg chats on Yahoo this Thu night @ 11 PM ET....Chyna has been signed to appear in Terminator 3.....WWF Smackdown tapes tonight in Minneapolis. Look for Gov Jesse Ventura to be in attendance.....Several ECW wrestlers are missing checks due to them on Nov 18. Thus far, no one has taken court action, which would allow them to escape their contracts and negotiate with WCW or the WWF.....Chris Chetti was married this past Sun, and will have a try-out with the WWF in New York on Dec 5.....This week's Globe features an article on pro wrestlers appearing as actors on the Jerry Springer Show..... Tomorrow night on WCW Thunder: The Jung Dragons d Team Canada. Lex Luger d Norman Smiley. Crowbar d David Flair. Shane Douglas NC Gen Rection; Torrie Wilson injured...(note: as of Dec 5, Torrie's $250 K per year contract will not be renewed. Negotiations are underway to resign her to a per-night deal. Thus far, she has not accepted.) Jeff Jarrett/ The Harris Brothers d The Animals. Sgt AWOL d Bam Bam Bigelow. ME: Scott Steiner d Buff Bagwell. CEO Ric Flair officially announces the ME for Starrcade: for the WCW Title: Scott Steiner vs Sid Vicious........... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... A Tylene Buck, er, Major Gunnz Gallery from 4 Wrestling.... iGeneration Wrestling's July 30 show from Sydney will air on ppv in some markets this Fri night, Dec 1.....The top 3 ME's for WCW Starrcade: for the WCW Title: Scott Steiner faces Sid Vicious, for the WCW Tag Team Titles: champions Nash & Page face Jindrak & O'Haire, and Goldberg goes one-on-one against Lex Luger. Rumored for the card is a match with Ric Flair taking on Jeff Jarrett.

Monday November 27
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