Wrestling Tuesday / November 27

Last night on WWF Raw, live from Oklahoma City: WWF European champion Christian d Jeff Hardy, with Lita... WWF Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam d D-von Dudley... WCW Women's champion Trish Stratus d Stacy Keibler... WWF IC champion Edge d Test... Wm Regal d The Big Show... Cutaway to Lance Storm @ WWFNY... The Rock & Kane d Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle... ME: Vince Mc Mahon invites Steve Austin to become the latest member in the kiss-up club, but Austin belt-whips Mc Mahon, instead. Austin is jumped by the former Alliance members. Not satisfied, Mc Mahon invites Jim Ross to pucker up. Kurt Angle and The Undertaker Vince in the ring, and the three of them force JR to smooch Mc Mahon.

Wrestling Monday / November 26
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