Wrestling Tuesday / November 20

Mon night on WWF Raw, live from Charlotte: Mick Foley resigns as WWF commish... Vince Mc Mahon, in mid-ring, says that the WCW Title will now be known as simply the World Title, fires Paul Heyman and introduces the newset member of the broadcast team, Jerry Lawler.... WWF Women's champion Trish Stratus d Lita... The Dudley Boyz d Rob Van Dam in a Handicap Tables Match... Cutaway to WWFNY and Linda Mc Mahon.... Vince cuts Shane and Stephanie from the family... World champion The Rock d Kurt Angle... Vince invites Wm Regal to kiss up to save his job, and Regal does so.. in the middle of the ring... Kane d Chris Jericho by DQ..... Wm Regal d Tazz... Vince, with the WWF Title belt, leads Kurt Angle to the ring. RIC FLAIR's music hits..Flair enters the ring as Jim Ross asks, "is this a mirage??"..... Flair says that he bet on a winner last night.... he bought Shane and Stephanie's stock, and co-owns the company...Steve Austin enters the ring, attacking Angle, then Vince...Flair presents Austin with the WWF Title belt, and the two toast beers in mid-ring as Vince and Kurt Angle look on.

Wrestling Monday / November 19
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