Rob's Wrestling / Tue Nov 14

8:00 PM ET UPDATE..... WWF RAW over WCW NITRO for the 100th straight week last night, 5.0 to 2.6.....Toronto Sun today reporting that the WWF will call a press conference tomorrow to announce that they are forming a financial partnership with Canada's Headline Sports Network. The network will air the XFL and is expected to pick up WWF Smackdown soon.....Mark Henry worked the Raw tapings, winning a dark match.....This weekend on WWF Jakked/Metal: Al Snow d Albert. 2 Cool d Funaki & Joe.....No surprise to see Major Gunnz turn heel.....Eric Bischoff may be back with WCW...eventually ; Vince Russo will not....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........... 230 women tired out for the 10 available SF Demon XFL Cheerleader spots..... PTC is forcing the WWF to abandon characters such as Naked Mdeon..... The remainder of ECW events for the month of Nov have been cancelled ; the Dec 3 ppv is still on..... Add Ivory vs Lita to the WWF Survivor Series card..... WCW is pushing for Ric Flair to wrestle @ Mayhem..... Scott Steiner stopped short of punching a 14-year old fan in Newcastle after police intervened........

Monday November 13