Wrestling Tuesday / November 13

WWF Raw, from Boston, last night on TNN: Edge d WCW US champion Kurt Angle TO WIN THE TITLE... The Hardy Boyz, with Lita, d WWF Tag champions Booker T and Test TO WIN THE TITLES... Steve Austin d Tazz.. WCW Tag champions The Dudley Boyz, with Stacy go to a No Contest with Albert and Scotty 2 Hotty... WWF Hardcore champion Rob van Dam d 'Taker... WWF commish Mick Foley announces unfication matches for WWF Survivor involving the Tag Team champions, the WCW US champion and the WWF Intercontinental champion... The Big Show d Christian.... Cutaway to WWF NY.... WCW champion The Rock d Wm Regal... After a comedy bit where Austin and The Rock get in each other's faces, Rock and Jericho square off against Angle and Austin to end the program.

Wrestling Monday / November 12
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