Wrestling Tuesday / May 8

Mon night on WWF Raw, from Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY, on Long Island: Mick Foley pushes his new book, Foley Is Good, due out today. Bradshaw NC Kurt Angle as Angle is distracted by the Titantron view of Chris Benoit @ WWF NY with Angle's Olympic medals. Edge/ Christian/ Rhyno defeat The Hardy Boyz/ Eddie Guererro as Guererro hurls himself in front of the charging Rhyno, who was headed for Lita. Jerry Lynn defends his WWF Lightweight title, defeating Crash, GM Sexay and Taka. Chris Jericho climbed over the top and landed on the floor first to win a cage match over Wm Regal. Lita pinned Molly Holly in a contender's match. X-Factor upset The Dudleys in a tables match. Benoit, in the arena, taunts Angle, who is now @ WWF NY. Video airs of The Rock on Leno. In the ME, Steve Austin and Rikishi Phatu go to a No Contest.

Wrestling Monday / May 7
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