Wrestling Tuesday / May 7

WWF Raw, live on TNN from Hartford : Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside.... Lovely Lilian Garcia, in a purple mini, in the ring... WWE champion Jazz d Trish, with help from Hardcore champion Stevie Richards... The WWE Hardcore Title is passed from Stevie Richards to Buh Buh Ray Dudley to Raven to Justin Credible to Crash to Trish, back to Richards... Wm Regal d WWE European champion Spike TO WIN THE TITLE. Spike continues to sell a faked ankle injury... Brock Lesnar d Shawn Stasiak... Hulk Hogan takes, then destroys, The Undertaker's bike... Rob van Dam/ Jeff Hardy d Booker T/ Eddie Guerrero... Terri wins a swimsuit competition against Molly... ME : Bradshaw, Steve Austin and Ric Fla go to a No Contest with Scott Hall, X-Pac and The Big Show as Flair turns on Austin, then announces a Handicap Match for Judgment Day with himself and Big Show against Austin.

Wrestling Monday / May 6
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