Pro Wrestling Tuesday / May 31

WWE Raw, broadcast on Spike TV, from Calgary, Alta ...The program opens with Jerry Lawler hosting a swimsuit competition. Ring announcer Lilian Garcia is introduced, but Viscera comes to ringside and takes her away before the competition. Christy wins over Victoria, Candice, and Maria. Victoria attacks Christy after the results are given....WWE World Tag Team champions Rosie/ Hurricane d The Hearthrobs... WWE IC champion Shelton Benjamin d La Resistance... Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel features Kane, who sees Edge and Lita on the Titantron... ECW Rulz match: Edge d Chris Benoit, with help from Eric Bischoff's army.... a conference call airs with HHH, who announces an upcoming Hell in the Cell match against Batista... Chris Masters d Val Venis .... Christian pushes the draft lottery, which begins next week, saying that WWE Smackdown needs a Canadian... ME: World champion Batista vs Muhammad Hassan, with Daivari.

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