Wrestling Tuesday / May 29

BULLETIN: WWFE, Inc terminated its contract with Brian Christopher Lawler, aka, Grand Master Sexay, on Monday as a result of his arrest for possession of an illegal, "controlled, dangerous" substance as he crossed the Canadian border from New York into Calgary, Alberta. Lawler was reportedly on the privately-owned WWF jet. Lawler fell under the company policy of immediate termination if found with an ilegal substance across the border................... Monday night on WWF Raw, live from Calgary: Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho open the show by confronting Vince Mc Mahon with some vintage tape showing the WWF boss singing and dancing from the late 1980's. The Hart Family, including patriarch Stu Hart, is introduced from their seats on the first row and announced as recipients of the Royal Order Award. The Hardyz defeat X-Factor when Lita distracts Albert. Chris Benoit forces Rhyno to submit to the crippler crossface. Trish Stratus, along with Steve Blackman, defeats Terri Runnels and Saturn, with help from Lance Storm. Vince chews out "security" for allowing a WCW wrestler to infiltrate the WWF telecast. An ad airs for WWF Tough Enough, premiering on MTV on Jun 21. Cutaway to Al Snow, hosting the party from WWFNY. Molly Holly and Spike Dudley share an intimate moment, interrupted by Kurt Angle, who attacks Spike. Molly finds the Dudleyz, who are jumped by Crash and Hardcore Holly. Chris Jericho defeats The Big Show TO WIN THE WWF HARCORE TITLE. Eddie Guererro defeats Albert, with help from Lita. Lita hugs Eddie as she congratulates him. A clip airs from the Today Show where Katie Couric interviews Mick Foley, author of Foley is Good. The Dudleys defeat The Hollys in a Tables match, putting Molly through a table. Clips are shown from HHH' surgery to repair his torn quadricep. In the ME, Steve Austin keeps his WWF Title over Chris Benoit when Mc Mahon stops the match early and awards Austin the belt. After the match, Benoit and Jericho attack Mc Mahon and Austin in the ring and leave them lying there as the show ends.

Wrestling Monday / May 28
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