Wrestling Tuesday / May 28

WWE Raw, live from Edmonton, broadcast on TNN : The program opens with Smackdown star Chris Benoit speaking to his hometown... Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross at ringside ; Lilian Garcia, in blue, the ring announcer... Eddie Guerrero joins Benoit, and Ric Flair has Benoit escorted from the building... Trish/ Spike d Molly/ Wm Regal... Terri Runnels pins WWE Hardcore champion Steven Richards, only to be pinned by Richards in return... X-Pac/ Booker d The Hardy Boyz... WWE champion The Undertaker harrasses, then attacks, Tommy Dreamer... Dreamer drinks 'Taker's tobacco spit... Brock Lesnar d Bubba Ray Dudley... The Big Show d Bradshaw... Cut to The World in NYC : Al Snow hosts arm wrestling with the contestants of TE2... Goldust, dressed as a member of the nWo, d Crash... ME: Ladder Match for the WWE IC Title- Rob van Dam d champion Eddie Guerrero TO WIN THE TITLE... Benoit reappears, with a ticket, towards the end of the match... Steve Austin enters the ring after the match and attacks Guerrero, Flair and Arn Anderson... Benoit enters the ring and attacks Austin, joining with Guerrero... The program ends with Flair smiling on the runway. NOTE: Could we be seeing a reformation of the Horsemen ???

Wrestling Monday / May 27
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