Pro Wrestling Tuesday / May 27

WWE Raw, live last night on TNN, from Mobile...the program opens with a video montage of Ric Flair from last week... Shawn Michaels intros Ric Flair, then challenges him to match tonight. Flair accepts. HHH enters the ring, and threatens Flair, should Flair quit as his valet. Raw co-GM Eric Bischoff enters the rampway, and nixes the Flair/Michaels match for Raw, but sets it for WWE Bad Blood. He then sets a ME for tonight with Flair and Michaels vs HHH... The question on WWE . Com tonight is: Will Goldberg spear Jericho in the Highlight Reel??... Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... Booker T d Test, with Stacy. During the match, Stacy takes a bump, and Scott Steiner takes her away from ringside... Val Venis d Stevie Richards, with Victoria...Lilian, in black and camoflauge, sings America The Beautiful, which is interrupted by La Resistance. Co-GM Steve Austin dispatches La Resistance, then joins Lilian in a duet... The two then toast the song and the US servicemen in attendance with beers... Ric Flair is shown warming up for his match. After he leaves the room, a masked man appears... Goldust d WWE IC champion Christian in a non-title match... Rodney Mack d Bubba Dudley.. Jim Ross mentions that WWF legend Freddie Blassie is in the hospital... Sylvan Grenier d Rob van Dam in a Flag Match, due to interference... Chris Jericho hosts Goldberg in the Highlght Reel, and maces him...ME: Ric Flair turns on Shawn Michaels, joining with HHH. HHH gets the pin with help from Flair and the masked man, Randy Orton.

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