Pro Wrestling Tuesday / May 20

WWE Raw, broadcast live last night on TNN, from Greenville, SC...Co-GM Steve Austin, HHH and Ric Flair set tonight's ME... The Dudley Boyz d Rosie/ Jamal, with Rico...Jericho Highlight Reel with the new WWE IC champ Christian... Christian/ Chris Jericho d World Tag Team champions Rob van Dam/ Kane via DQ when Booker T enters the ring, seeking revenge on Christian... Rodney Mack d Spike... La Resistance d Scott Steiner/ Test, with Stacy Keibler... Goldberg d Lance Storm, who confesses that Jericho told him to try to run over Goldberg... Jericho admits to the deed... ME: World champion HHH d Ric Flair. After the match, Austin announces that HHH will defend the title against Kevin Nash @ WWE Raw Bad Blood in Houston on June 15, in a Hell in a Cell match.... Notes: Moolah and Mae Young are featured in a comedy skit with co-GM Eric Bischoff, who is kept low profile tonight with a scripted hangover...Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action... Lilian Garcia, in black, looking HOT, is the ring announcer.

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