Wrestling Tuesday / May 1

Here's an updated list of the champions in the World Wrestling Federation : WWF Champion: Steve Austin. WWF Intercontinental Champion : HHH. WWF Tag Team Champions : Steve Austin & HHH. WWF European Champion : Matt Hardy. WWF Hardcore Champion : Rhyno. WWF Lightweight Champion : Jerry Lynn. WWF Women's Champion : Chyna........ Mon night on WWF Raw: Kurt Angle whines to Chris Benoit. Benoit upends Angle, and leaves the building with his Olympic medals.European champion Matt Hardy defeats Edge. Spike Dudley NC X-Pac. Hardcore champion Rhyno defeats Chris Jericho. Cutaway to Linda Mc Mahon @ WWF NY. APA defeats Crash & Hardcore Holly. HHH defeats Test. Chyna defeats Trish Stratus. Lita challenges Chyna; Chyna accepts. ME: WWF Title : Undertaker defeats Steve Austin by DQ; Austin keeps title.

Today's Babe : Francine
Wrestling Monday / April 30
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