Pro Wrestling Tuesday / May 18

WWE Raw, live last night on Spike TV from San Diego...Trish Stratus d Lita due to visual interference from Kane... Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... Kane d Val Venis. After the match, Matt Hardy attacks Kane to avenge Lita, but is trapped and beaten. Lita enters the ring and tells Kane Yes. Kane leaves the ring.... World Tag Team Title: champions Chris Benoit and Edge d Randy Orton and Batista, with Ric Flair....Eugene/ Coach / Rock angle to get Eugene over ... Film airs from WWE Smackdown Judgment Day ppv... ME: 20-man Battle Royal to dtermine the contender for World Champion Chris Benoit @ WWE Badd Blood : Winner : Kane, after Shawn Michaels jumps into the ring and dumps HHH over the top rope.

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