Wrestling Tuesday / May 15

Monday night on WWF Raw, from Cincinnati: Rikishi Phatu d Kurt Angle by DQ. Trish Stratus pushes the WWF Divas Hedonism video. 'Taker leaves the building after being told that wife Sarah has been involved in "an auto accident." Matt/Jeff Hardy d Saturn/Dean Malenko; Eddie Guererro starts a face turn. WWF Hardcore champion Rhyno d Crash. Chris Benoit/ Chris Jericho d Edge/ Christian. GM Sexay embarrasses Wm Regal. Regal attacks Sexay. Chyna/Lita d Ivory/Molly. Cut to WWF NY. The Big Show/ RTC d APA/ Test. In the main event, WWF Tag champions Steve Austin & HHH go to a No Contest with Kane in a handicapped match. Austin drops clues at the end of the match to indicate that Sarah's "accident" may have been a set-up to get Kane alone in the ring tonight.

Wrestling Monday / May 14
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