Wrestling Tuesday / May 14

WWE Raw, broadcast last night on TNN, from Toronto : Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler @ ringside.... Lilian Garcia, in grey and black, in the ring... Matt & Jeff Hardy d Brock Lesnar by DQ... Ric Flair, with The Big Show, cuts a promo where he rips on Toronto... WWE IC champion Eddie Guerrero d Shawn Stasiak... Molly Holly d Terri... WWE champion Hulk Hogan d Ric Flair, with help from Steve Austin... Trish Stratus/ Bubba Ray Dudley d Jazz/ Steven Richards. Trish WINS THE WWE TITLE... The Big Show/ X-Pac d Bradshaw... 'Taker attacks Hogan, binds his feet, and drags him from his own motorcycle.... ME : Lumberjack Match : Steve Austin d Booker T. After the match, Austin is attacked by the nWo.

Wrestling Monday / May 13
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