Pro Wrestling Tuesday / March 7

WWE Raw, live from Birmingham, Al on USA ... Vince and Shane McMahon intro the program with a tribute to Shawn Michaels kissing Vince' butt last week. Michaels charges the ring, only to be restrained by security...The Coach, Jerry Lawler and Joey Styles call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer.. Ric Flair d WWE IC Champion Shelton Benjamin via DQ ... HHH d Kane, with aid from Carlito and Chris Masters ...Stephanie Mc Mahon slips a tranqulizer into Shawn Michaels' drink.. video airs of Candice Michelle's Playboy shoot ... Victoria and Torrie unveil CM's Playboy cover. Victoria and CM doubleteam Torrie.. Shane Mc Mahon d Shawn Michaels.. Vince Mc Mahon d Shawn Michaels ...The Spirit Squad d Eugene .. video airs from Sat Night's Main Event of the past... Lita d Maria ... Edge/Foley angle ... Hall of Fame announcement: Sherri Martel ... ME: John Cena d The Big Show.

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