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ECW will live on through the WWF. Paul Heyman has yet to sign a contract, but has been involved in production meetings. The extent of "ECW invasions" is pure speculation. What is known is, that, by his own admission, Paul is declaring ECW the organization dead. The ppv scheduled for this coming Sun will not be held, despite ads to the contrary...... WWF Raw dropped to a 4.5 last night, while WCW Nitro remained @ 2.1..... This coming weekend on WWF Jakked/ Metal: Credible/ X-Pac d Kaientai. Raven d Crash. E Rios d Greg Martin. B Gunn d a jobber....... XFL ratings numbers from this past weeekend: Sat night on NBC : 2.4 ; Sun night on UPN : 1.2 ; Sun aft on TNN : 0.9.......... TSN in Canada edited the Vince-Trish segment off of WWF Raw last night...... Tomorrow night on WCW Thunder: Moore/Karagias d Money/Scotty O. Stasiak d Smiley. Helms d Skipper. R Steiner d H Morris. C Palumbo d L Luger. L Storm d Konan. S Steiner d The Cat.............. Mon night on WCW Nitro: Booker T d Rick Steiner by DQ. Elix Skipper/ Kid Romeo d Air Paris/ AJ Styles. Sean O'Haire d Lex Luger. Dustin Rhodes attacks Jeff Jarrett after Jarrett d Dusty Rhodes imposter Ric Flair. The real Dusty Rhodes cases Flair & Jarrett out of the ring. A tag team match is set for WCW Greed with The Rhodes Family against Flair & Jarrett. Chavo Jr d Shane Helms. The Cat battles Kanyon in Ms Jones' hospital room. Hugh Morrus d Mike Awesome. ME: DD Page / Booker T d Rick & Scott Steiner.......... Mon night on WWF Raw: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman ( in an ECW cap ) call the action. HHH/Ausin/Angle/Rock slugfest. Kurt Angle attacks Scotty 2 Hotty, "breaking" his ankle. IC champ Chris Jericho d Eddie Guererro. WWF champ Ivory d Lita. Kane/ 'Taker d Phatu / Haku. Trish Stratus begs to Vince Mc Mahon, then strips for him. Matt & Jeff Hardy d Buh Buh Ray & D-von Dudley To WIN THE WWF TAG TEAM TITLES. Big Show d Al Snow. Debra convinces Vince to let her resign her commisionership in order to manage again. Vince orders her to manage The Rock, her husband's opponent @ WWF WM X-7. ME: Austin/ Rock d HHH/ Angle............ HHH appears @ WWFNY this Wed from 12-2 pm ET.

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