Wrestling Tuesday / March 5

WWF Raw, broadcast last night on TNN from Austin : Vince Mc Mahon proclaims tonight as Fan Appreciation Night in honor of the fact that Ric Flair will not be in attendance.... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside... Lillian Garcia, in her pink minidress, in the ring... Steve Austin vs Booker T never gets going, as Austin is attacked by the nWo. Scott Hall pops Austin with a wrench. Austin blades... Test/ Mr Perfect d Albert/ Scotty. After the match, Rikishi steps in to give Perfect the stinkface... WWF Hardcore champion Goldust d Tazz... The nWo attacks a fan backstage... cutaway to the Godfather @ WWF NY..... WWF women's champion Jazz d Trish Stratus by DQ... HHH brings Stephanie a large box of her personal items... With Ric Flair away on a "family emergency" ( read that, on his way back to the States), 'Taker shows film of him beating up David Flair earlier today at the WWF training facility... Rob van Dam d Lance Storm... A feature airs on The Rock... Scott Hall, with the nWo, d Spike... Stephanie has broken out in a rash after using the lotion that HHH brought her... ME: Kurt Angle d HHH in a cage match, due to Stephanie's interference.

Wrestling Monday / March 4
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